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The Mind Power Programme


Mind Power into the 21st Century is a #1 bestseller by John Kehoe. It shows you techniques to harness the astounding Powers of Thought. This book has now been made into a 5 CD Audio Book. Developed John Kehoe and now presented in Africa by Shakes Dlutu.

Change the way you are thinking!


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Victim to Victor programme

The Victim to Victor programme was initially developed by MAST (Management and Skills Training) in the mid 1990’s in order to address the negative and fearful mindset gripping the country at the time as a result of the shift in political power. The workshop highlights the current negative attitudes prevalent in many South African organisations, particularly those that are undergoing change. The emotions that arise include feelings of lack of control, anger, blaming of others, frustration, not taking responsibility, etc., i.e. a ‘Victim mindset’. The mindset of a ‘Victor’ is then considered. Typical emotions include feeling in control, self-responsibility, being motivated, having commitment and a positive attitude.

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One Hour Keynote Address

Invite Shakes to revitalise & energise your conference with his one hour “Success is a Choice” presentation which is based on the two day “Victim to Victor” intervention.

Since 1994 the “Victim to Victor” program has enjoyed tremendous success throughout the country and has made an impact on the lives of more than 500 000 South Africans.

This presentation is highly engaging, interactive & alive with energy, and it will highlight some of the key principles from the two day program.

You will leave his talk feeling highly inspired & motivated!

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Full Day Team Building

It is the goal of all organisations to aspire into having fully functioning healthy teams that are well balanced and are working effectively together across all departments and cross functionally.

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