Full Day Team Building

It is the goal of all organisations to aspire into having fully functioning healthy teams that are well balanced and are working effectively together across all departments and cross functionally. If you are looking to revitalise your team, recommit them into your company’s vision and values, or even if you are simply in search of a meaningful approach to induct newly appointed colleagues and energised your staff, then MSM Training & Development has perfect solutions for you. We facilitate effective group processes to assist you in creating cohesive and productive teams, from a half day fun high energy program to a full day in-depth bonding session

Our solutions can be facilitated both indoors and outdoors depending on your preferred requirements.

Our approach affords each member of your team the opportunity to really engage with each other and commit openly and honestly because of our formal and informal system. This allows us to rebuild and develop trust amongst colleagues whilst reaffirming the team. Through the use of both indoors and outdoor activities, games and exercises your people walk away having connected with each other at every level.

Our solutions will challenge your team to remove the “silos mind-set” and be open to collaboration and open sharing. Shift from the competing mentality to develop effective, dynamic teams. By the end of the process they will walk away having realised that teams are way more effective than individuals in executing complex organisational strategies and plans. They are even more resilient and more reliable comparably. Teams that collaborate are able to stretch each other and enhance each other’s skills to build greater creativity. It is through this, that they are able to build a culture as a team and consequently developing loyalty to each other and loyalty to the organisation’s vision and mission. We guarantee you engaging fun and effective team building activities that build better team dynamics.


Executive Management Coaching

If you are looking for a tailor made private coaching session just for you only or your specific team to perform at your peak and even reinvent your life, then partner up with one of Executive Coaches in creating a space and a process that maximises your potential both as a business leader and an individual leading a social life. Consult with MSM Training and Development to assist you design, implement and facilitate a coaching experience that is centred on your specific requirements. Our team of coaches provides you with proven tools and skills to assist you in realising your goals develop into a stronger leader in all areas of your life. You walk away having not only developed as a leader but also recognise your areas of improvements and coached accordingly.