One Hour Keynote Address

Invite Shakes to revitalise & energise your conference with his one hour “Success is a Choice” presentation which is based on the two day “Victim to Victor” intervention. Since 1994 the “Victim to Victor” program has enjoyed tremendous success throughout the country and has made an impact on the lives of more than 500 000 South Africans.
This presentation is highly engaging, interactive & alive with energy, and it will highlight some of the key principles from the two day program. During the captivating 60-minute, Shakes is engaging, entertaining & demonstrates the impact of the following concepts on people’s lives:

  • The power of mind-sets
  • Discovering & breaking limiting thought patterns
  • Dealing and coping with change
  • Internal vs. external locus of control
  • Maintaining positive attitudes
  • Creating empowering beliefs
  • Generating a vibrant energy field
  • Letting go of your past & redefining a compelling future

You will leave his talk feeling highly inspired & motivated, having challenged your own mind-set and your traditional thinking patterns & will be spurred into implementing these concepts in both your personal and professional life.