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Re: Our thanks and gratitude

I would like to express to you on behalf of all of us at Christel House, our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all you have done in support of our work. It is clear that you know and understand the mission of Christel House. Your keen interest in our work and the tangible support you give us inspires all staff of Christel House to continue to pursue pathways for success for our children, despite the many difficult days we encounter.

We want to thank you for the motivational speech that Shakes made to our grade 11 and 12’s. You really made an impact in the lives of these children. It is much appreciated. It is persons like yourself that, through your generosity, gives hope to children that would otherwise not have a seat at the table. As you know quality education is a vital link in our communities to ensure that we produce employable South Africans who can truly make a difference in their communities.  The holistic model that we embrace at Christel House SA has a great positive impact on producing well rounded young people with good characteristics, integrity and respect.

I can assure you that we are making a huge difference in the lives of the families we serve and we are, without a doubt, making a significant contribution to building a better South Africa.

Once more thank you and I assure you that we will gladly host you at our school to give you a firsthand experience of the wonderful work we do. With much gratitude and appreciation!

Yours faithfully,

Lizelle Sampson
Marketing & Public Relations
Christel House South Africa
Swallow Cliff Drive, Ottery
Tel: 021 704 9407
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